Design a web page allowing people to find cool day trips to do around them.

Started on December 03 - Ends on December 10

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With COVID-19 more people are looking for destinations not far away from their home. Your job is to design a simple web page allowing people to easily find cool day-trips to do around them.
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For this challenge, you will only display the results for the search “New-York” and use the database provided on the right.
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Users need to:
- Search & get results based on current location
- See relevant information (distance, type, description)
- Filter the results
- Open the destination on Google Map

Why you should do those challenge?

Quiz based

Practice make perfect

The only way to get better at design is to practice.

Quiz based

Get feedback

Getting feedback is the best way to improve our design skills.

Quiz based

Showcase your work

Start building your portfolio even if you’re getting started.

How it works?


Follow the brief

Open the challenge on Figma and read carefully the brief on what you need to design


Use the design checklist

When designing the screen go through the checklist to make sure you avoid common mistakes and do not forget anything!


Pick a template

When your design is done, pick a template to showcase your work


Share your work

Finally share your work on the uxcademy Slack before the deadline to get feedback or anywhere else

Students work


What is a design challenge?

It’s a small brief to design a screen or a flow with visual guidelines to follow so you can focus on what matters most. You will have 7 days to do it.

Who is this for?

The challenges are mostly aimed at beginners but anyone can benefit from it. It’s always good to practice.

Why should I do it?

If you’re new to design, the best way to learn is to practice as soon as possible. Through those design challenges you will improve both your UI and UX skills but also see how designers work in real life, using existing composants, design system and following constraints. This is also the perfect occasion to learn how to use Figma and start building a portfolio.

What tool should I use?

The challenges need to be done on Figma.

What happens after the deadline?

Post your work on Slack in #challenges and get feedback from other participants and mentors.